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Interior Shutters Frequently Asked Questions

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are louvred panels fixed either inside or outside windows and doors. They originated in America and the West Indies and date back to before the American Civil War. The term Ante Bellum means pre war and is used to describe a style of plantation shutter. The louvre shutters offered by Select Interior Shutters are Ante Bellum.

What are solid shutters?

These are panels that have no louvres. They were originally installed in reveal boxes in pre Edwardian houses and were used a couple of times a year only, when the owners de camped for the season. They were not designed to be opened and shut daily like our present designs and that is why so few remain today.

Can shutters be installed on any window?

Shutters can be installed on virtually any window, French door or patio sliding doors. They can also be used effectively as room dividers fitted on tracks. They usually cannot be fitted where there is a false ceiling or fixed pelmet that prohibits the plantation shutter from being opened. If the window/door opens inwards they can always be mounted outside of the reveal.

Do you offer onsite measuring services?

Yes. We have the experience and the knowledge to advise on the best fitting options available and take the exact measurements required for a perfect installation. We offer a complete measuring service free of charge.

How do I measure my windows and doors myself?

Simply measure the width and the height of the window opening in millimeters. If you don't have a metric tape measure use inches and we will convert it to millimeters when you call 0161 788 9669 or email the measurements to

For a quick quote for Interior Plantation Shutters just measure the width and height of the opening then call us on 0161 788 9669 We will then give you a price.

What colours and stains are available?

View the colours section of this site for a full list of colours and stains that are available for each shutter range.

What louvre size should I choose?

When making your louver choice, consider the size of the window and the desired effect. Generally larger windows command a larger louvre size. In the USA most shutters are made with 3.5 (89mm) louvres or larger but here in Europe we tend to generally choose smaller louvres such as 47mm or 64mm. 32mm is used a lot in bathrooms but also looks very good when painted white and used on café style installations in living room windows where the street maybe very close by. See louvre sizes.

How many shutter panels do I need?

Our smallest panel width is 200mm and widest is 550mm, although with larger louver panels we do sometimes go wider but void warp warranty with your permission. Generally a window looks best with 4 panels, two opening as pairs either way. A 3 window bay, however, will usually have 2 panels on the smaller side windows and 4 in the centre. All panels of the Interior Shutter will open away from the middle.

For partitioning or for large windows where tracking is needed at the top to suspend the panels you will really need an even number of panels or they will look odd and not hang from the track properly. Ideally 8 panels or 12 panels for very large openings is best although quite often it is wise to hang even 6 panels from tracking if they are quite large. With the heavier Seattle shutter this is clearly an option to be considered. We do not charge for tracking, it comes in the square metre price for the opening.

In summary, the window will normally dictate the number of panels. If the window is split into two halves you would either have 2 or 4 panels and it follows that if it is three panes then three or six panels will suffice. The vertical dividers of the windows are where the vertical stiles of the shutters should be ideally.

How long from order will it take to get my shutters?

Every Select Interior Plantation Shutter is custom manufactured to the nearest millimetre to fit individual openings and are ready for installation in 6 to 8 weeks from the date of the order and receipt of the deposit.

How much do shutters cost?

Shutter vary in price according to the style used and any additons required. To get an exact price go to our quote page or call us on 0161 788 9669

Why do you use two spellings for louver?

In America the spelling is louver and here louvre. We use both because many people in the UK use the American spelling to search the internet for shutters, maybe because shutters originated there.

OK I want some shutters. How do I order?

Simply Telephone 0161 788 9669 Or Email

If we are not available when you call, please leave a message and we will get back to you straight away.

Last updated: October 2016